March 21, 2017

Courtney and Manny

The first time I met Courtney and Manny before their wedding I learned a lot about them, their families, and their beloved pups. They were just so sweet, genuine, gracious, and enamored with each other and the life they had built together. I was already super excited for them and the honor of serving them on their big day!

Courtney and Manny’s intimate wedding was held at The Wharf Tavern in Warren, RI where they were surrounded by both sides of their immediate families. It was a gorgeous, sunny day in October and when I showed up to Courtney’s parent’s house to capture her getting ready with the ladies, she was just beaming. She reminded me that she was really easy going and was so cooperative when it came to me being a little adventurous with her dress shots (thank you to her neighbor who’s recycling bin I stood on and who’s hedge I used as a backdrop!). The women who surrounded her were just so full of joy for her and it radiated from their reactions throughout the afternoon.

Once Courtney had gotten ready, I made my way over to the Wharf Tavern ahead of her to catch some shots of the guys putting on their boutonnieres. Manny seemed totally in his element there along the ocean waiting for his bride. When she made her way down the aisle on her father’s arm, emotions ran high and I had to hold back tears behind my camera as well. The ceremony was lovely and a pair of gorgeous white swans even came to witness the couple saying their “I do’s.”

We were really grateful to the company next door who allowed us to take photos on their lawn and docks, had an awesome portrait session with the family, and made our way around the property exploring the diverse backdrops the area had to offer. Congratulations to Courtney & Manny and I wish them all of the happiness and adventure life can bring!






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