March 17, 2017

Corey & Mike

Corey & Mike are one of the sweetest couples you’ll ever meet. They’re just truly, madly, deeply and so obviously in love! Their admiration and joy towards each other is literally contagious and I can’t say I’ve ever left seeing them without a bit more warmth in my heart and a smile on my face. In about 99.9% of the images below, I didn’t even help these two with posing! Yes, that’s really them and truly how crazy they are about each other. They did already have their engagement session with me back over the summer in Boston, so they do have some experience with me in front of my lens (which is why my engagement sessions are complimentary), but they’re just so genuine. Love these two.

This shoot came about because I was going down to NYC, with a friend, to visit a friend I had just recently made in Las Vegas at the 2017 WPPI Conference. I always like to make the most of my travels and decided to send Corey, one of my 2017 brides, a quick text to see if her and her fiancé, Mike, would be able to meet up for an impromptu photo session at the Brooklyn Bridge with my friend and I. To my surprise, she said yes, and a only a couple mornings after my arrival in NYC, I was meeting Corey & Mike on the Brooklyn Bridge for these photos! It was about 7am, about 32 degrees fahrenheit, windy, but really beautiful out. We were all quite chilly, but I think Corey & Mike will agree that getting these awesome images was well worth the adventure before they were off to work.

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