September 24, 2016

Mary and Tommy

Mary and Tommy’s engagement session back in the spring got me really excited for their wedding day! Not only were they so genuinely in love, they were just so joyful and endearing about it. You can see their engagement session here. Their families knew each other growing up… Mary went to camp with Tommy’s sisters and Tommy was friends with Mary’s brother, but they had never met. Mary’s mom threw out many hints that she thought Mary and Tommy would be a good match, but Mary didn’t want to take love advice from her Mom. Until….they ran into each other at Bell In Hand in Boston over Christmas break in 2013 and were together ever since. They officially started dating back in March of 2014 and Tommy proposed on December 18th, 2015 at their favorite spot on the East River in Manhattan at the same bench that he told Mary he loved her for the first time. Tommy works in financial software and Mary works in fundraising for Covenant House. They love exploring NYC together, all things beach, and picnics in central park!
On their wedding day, Mary got ready with all of her closest friends at her parent’s house in northern Rhode Island and Tommy got ready at the Omni Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island. The men looked dapper in their black bowties and tuxes, and the ladies looked stunning in lavender multi textured gowns from my new favorite place, Vow to be Chic! Their ceremony was at the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Providence and was a beautiful one to say the least! Their Irish heritage shone through, not only in Tommy’s lovely choice of engagement ring, but throughout the day. Serendipitous ties to St. Patrick’s life and spirit were mentioned in speeches and shared by the couple when we first met. They have deep spirituality and Catholic faith, and I love that they truly believed in God having a hand throughout their dating and marriage relationship.
Mary and Tommy’s guests enjoyed bowling, games, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while we took their family and bridal party photos at Roger Williams Park. Following our adventures in the enchanted, golden grass covered forest of Roger Williams, we made our way over to the Hope Artiste Village for their celebration! The wedding party was full of spunk and each couple had a really fun entrance. Mary and Tommy even got to enter through a bridal party tunnel to their first dance! Their first dance was so sweet, awesome speeches followed, and their wedding was a blast the entire night! I’m so happy for them and wish them all of the blessings life can bring in their marriage and in life.
Congratulations again Mary & Tommy!

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