May 22, 2015

Jamie & Shawn

They say if you’re lucky you end up with one maybe two good friends from high school after you’ve graduated and moved on… Well feel extremely lucky to have ended up with 3 great ones – Jamie, Meg, and Monique. Jamie’s now down in Long Island with her husband, Meg’s out in Boston, Mo’s in our hometown in Mass., and I’m down in Rhode Island. We still get together whenever we can, catch up right where we left off, share some laughter, chat about our plans & dreams, and celebrate life’s milestones. Our moms and siblings still see each other around town or are friends, and there’s just nothing that could replace the nostalgic feeling of greeting each other after some time away. It’s like coming home to the house you grew up in where it warms your heart just stepping inside and recognizing the pictures on the walls.

This past weekend, during what Rhode Island got of the blizzard, we all traveled back for Jamie’s baby shower! Since she’s the first of our little group to blaze the trail – get married and to then be expecting, of course the other three of us were all SO excited to be there! Unfortunately quite a few attendees weren’t able to make it for fear of getting stuck in the snow or otherwise, but those of us who made it out to Jamie’s parents lovely home had a really nice time!

We were graciously served mimosas, snacks, sandwiches, and treats, watched Jamie and her beau open the slew of gifts that had been mailed, brought, and created, and had a blast with the onesie decorating craft. We all shared quite a few laughs over that activity! My favorites are still the Kayne West glasses onesie Meg created with black puff paint, the “Miso Cute” onesie her cousin created, and we can’t forget the “Vote for Pedro” onesie Monique created in memory of the Napoleon Dynamite dance the three of them had done at our class’s Senior Variety Show. Classic.

After the baby shower, still hanging out, looking at Jamie’s wedding album for the first time brought back some fun memories from her and Shawn’s wedding last year. And of course… talking about photos and seeing the snow flurries through the window got me thinking! So before I left for home we confirmed that we’d touch base in the morning and try to squeeze a maternity session in before her and Shawn’s ferry back to Long Island at 8:30am.

So that next morning, with the sun kissing the snow powdered forest, we set out for their little maternity session! While their adorable pup Brewer ran around them just wanting to play, I did my best to capture their love and excitement over expecting their 1st little one. They decided they’re not going to find out the gender until delivery, so their friends and family will just have to wait in anticipation 🙂 They are just so incredibly sweet together. And how darn cute is Brewer!? I’d say it was a success!

Congratulations again you two!JamieShawnMaternity_BlogPic1

JamieShawnMaternity_BlogPic2How cute are they?JamieShawnMaternity_BlogPic4







JamieShawnMaternity_BlogPic9Brewer was such a good boy!JamieShawnMaternity_BlogPic12







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