May 31, 2021

Isabelle’s Sprinkle

A couple weeks ago I hosted my first party at my home! I was itching to use the new studio space, but it’s still under construction, so I used our back patio. My good friend Isabelle is such a kind, beautiful soul and I was happy to plan a little something for her to celebrate her second little boy. Investing in nice table settings, decor, etc. was a bit of a journey, but I felt like it would be well worth it when I found pieces I could use again and again. I love bringing people I love together to enjoy life’s milestones and to make memories!

The week before the sprinkle I prepared vigorously. I got most everything done except the cooking and cruised into a busy weekend optimistic and excited to host! I had brought our tables and chairs up from the basement, gathered and laid out the table settings, prepared the favors, put together the signage, cleaned the space out (it was my children’s playroom), wrapped gifts, picked up the flowers, and laid out the room.

The morning of the sprinkle my wonderful aunt swooped in and helped so much by taking care of all the little details – washing the cups and plates, removing stickers, and much more. She even stuck around and helped me throughout and after the party, which really saved me time (gosh it’s so nice having an awesome wingman). Since I had picked up the flowers from my favorite spot in Providence, The Floral Reserve, I collected the bucket from the basement (where I was trying to keep them cool since I don’t have a cooler) and assembled the arrangements.

All-in-all the details and party all came together and everything was a hit! Isabelle enjoyed a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere, her close friends, and opening gifts, and I was truly grateful for the company and learning experience of hosting! Enjoy!

Frames | Hobby Lobby

Graphics for Signage | Etsy Shop GeorgiaBlueDesignCo.

Printed Signage | Formatt Printing

Flowers | The Floral Reserve Providence, RI

White Cake | Stop & Shop

Beverage Dispensers | Walmart

Melamine White Plates | Amazon

Ivory Linen Napkins | Amazon

Rattan Napkin Rings | Amazon

Gold Flower Arrangement Goblet | Etsy

Woven Placemats | Kohl’s

Featured Baby Gifts | Baby Delight (the company I work for!)





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